85 Emmaus BC children enjoyed Summer Bible School activities

Through five days of celebration and learning by dynamics, dances and manual work, the kids learned about values

By Natanael Disla | August 7th, 2013

EAST SANTO DOMINGO — In a space filled with happiness and celebration, 85 children from the Emmaus Baptist Church enjoyed the Summer Bible School (SBS) activities, held from July 29th to August 2nd. The SBS is an annual event dedicated to complement, through a dynamic way, the children’s school vacation time, with biblical teaching in values.

This year the SBS theme was At full blast, remembering the Formula I’s car sport race, with a language appropriately designed using the vehicle parts as a didactic resource. A manual from the Alliance for the Evangelization of the Child (APEN, by its initials in Spanish) was used. Dynamics, dances, manual work and exercises were among the activities held in the summer program.

The kids were divided unto six age groups, boys and girls, from 4 to 6 years old, 7-9 and 10-14 years old.

The subject of the first day was “Arrogance vs. Humility”. The second day one was “Anger vs. Self dominion”; third day the teachings dealt with “Laziness vs. Diligence”, whereas in the fourth day the activities and instruction gathered around “Inconformity vs. Gratitude”. The fifth and last day the focus was “Resentment vs. Forgiveness.”

Maxi, the little car marionette, delighted every day the kids, who laughed with no stop with the witty remarks of the puppet. The song “Alto” (“Stop”) was the motto of the journey, that all people learned to sing with ease.

The lessons were given by Carolina Giménez, Alicia Pérez and Dania Benítez, all members of the church. Nilka Negrón, Puerto Rican pastor for children, helped the teachers one day. Some youth worked as assistants. They were: Vielka de la Cruz, Omar, Carolin Núñez, Aneudy, Valeria Silva and Luigi. The logistics team was composed by María Pavón, Milagros Modesto, Xiomara Patricio, María Sierra, Robert Bueno and Adrián Silva, whom helped that all were laid out for the kids’ full enjoyment.

The SBS has been a learning and teaching space of amusement in the Emmaus Baptist Church, where the children have learned playing with a language fit with their liking. The parents have been grateful to the church for making the opportunity to provide a space where their sons and daughters can enjoy their school vacations in a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.